Let the platform do the work.

The easiest way to post and promote job listings, with a clear interface for job seekers. Create a job board for your brand or for niche skills needed in your region.









Only What You Need

We cut out all the filler so everything works just like you'd expect it to.

Revenue Share

All site-generated revenue is shared with our partners. 80% of businesses are running job ads, make sure they are running them on your new CAP-powered job board.

No Work Necessary

Add to your digital revenue without adding to your workload. Think about that while you’re laughing your way to the bank.


We left our egos at the door... It’s your brand that’s important, so let’s use that to reach your audience.

Works on all Devices

Phones, tablets, desktops, laptops, all-in-ones, it doesn’t matter. Your job board will always look good.

Simple and Effective

Post and search for jobs in the easiest way possible. Trust me, your listeners will thank you for keeping something simple in their lives.

Easily Customizable

If we don’t have a setting for it already, there’s a good chance we can add one. Yeah, we’re cool like that.

Executive Team

A perfect blend of expertise and experience.

Alane Boyd, CTO

Alane serves on the Board of Directors for the Upper Cumberland Entrepreneurial Foundation and 100 Girls of Code, a national nonprofit encouraging more girls to have an interest in STEM…

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Micah Johnson, CEO

Micah Johnson brings over 15 years of entrepreneurship to the CAP. With his current business, he turned $4,000 into a 30-person, multi-million dollar business. Prior to that, he helped raise over $1,000,000…

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Beau Cunningham, COO

Beau has expertise in recruiting processes, LEAN instruction and the technology job market, he has served as a pillar of reference for numerous Fortune 500 companies and mid-state technology councils…

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David Darnell, CMO

Throughout his career, David’s expertise in operations and strategic partnership development has made him a highly sought after resource in the formulation and application of targeted staffing solutions…

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